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3rd Period

no edmonton? then all smiles!!

Ducks second best so far this game. Blues heavily outshooting, outchanceing, and outfighting Anaheim. However the game is far closer than it should be, for the second game in a row the blues allow a goal late in the second period that will drastically effect how the third period will be played. Beachemin leads all players in ice time w/ 19:22.Kent huskins is the anaheim push on offense now. some blues (wouldn't this be a jammer job if he could accomplish it) needs to shut down huskins. period. Blues maligned power play is very much alive. and i'll be enjoying the game more.typing less.


i've got no comment on this

5 minutes gone. Ducks get power play. chcnaces on both end for the first 5, blues had more chances, ducks might have had the best one with a hard shot from the mid slot.

blues kill of penalty. ducks had their power play set up only infrequently. Best shot came shorthanded as a diving clear lead to a Martin Rucinsky post hitting shot.

yet another duck powerplay. again blues keep ducks frm setting up except for one great todd marchant chance downlow that legace was the equal too.

yet another another powerplay. they havent announced it yet, might be 4 minutes. down under 10 minutes left in the third period. blues really need to STOP TAKING PENALTIES. especially ones were duck's players bleed on the way to their bench

only two minutes. bleeding player ran into high stick. maybe justice. goal called and it is being reviewed but it should be no goal, no goal it is

forgot to mention jackman has been back and playing, but with a plastic face shield due to the bleeding he did while pounding May-- who has not been back

not enough fights this game!!!!

Power play over, scrum developed in front of net. nothing serious except the face-off comes outside the zone. woot!

Actually scrum (which blues start) leads to blues power play wootx2

blues take a penalty mid-way through there powerplay.

4x4 followed by duck power play. 5 minute-ish mark.

blue kill another power play. again the blues had a better chance shorthanded (2 on 1) than the ducks generated with the man advantage. 3:30 left

empty netter by kariya. game all but done