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Blues at Blue Jackets Second Period

Hannu's old mask

By Brad Lee

I haven't seen a photo of Hannu's newest mask, but man, his old one was full of stuff.

Apparently the Hansen Brothers are collecting a paycheck by entertaining the Ohio inbreds. We'll be back for the faceoff...right after this.

Bernie calls the Blues patient, I call them slow. He calls the goalie Tovu. I call him Hannu or Toivonen. We're just different that way. Watch how John Kelly looks at Bernie when they're on camera next time.

19:27 Stempniak BUZZING again. Told you first period he'd score. Shot by Nash. "That's what goalscorers do, they'll shoot from anywhere," -- John Kelly. Yeah, but so does Jamal Mayers. Finally, Nash's sweater on the back, the "n" is lowercase. Odd.

18:20 The foghorn blows, but the officials waived it off even before that. And the replay's DAMN close. Bernie says there's intent to blow. Nice.

Marcus Pettersson Says:

14 saves for Hannu already? Feels nice to have a backup who knows what he’s doing.
Shot at Reinhard Divas right there.

16:10 I love saying Manny Malholtra out loud. Try it. Rolls off the tongue.

15:20 Jackets are buzzing. Good save by Tofu. And Walt was slow to come out, working on a skate. First shift I notice him, he immediately falls down. Nice.

14:00Â Joel Goldberg says lots of players having trouble with their skates. Bernie blames the floor mats. I blame skate gnomes.

Pardon me while I go on a rant.

I hate this fucking current schedule where the Blues play Columbus eighty times a year, or what feels like eighty. I want to see Toronto and Pittsburgh and Buffalo. It's crap. Bettman's leadership on this thing needs to get better.

And if you're reading this and not commenting, you're either not creative enough to say something witty or you're a pussy. Prove me wrong.

12:20 Kariya really stepped into one. Surprising how hard his shot is for such a small guy. Leclaire still made the save.

9:45 Blues had a power play, Rucinsky ALMOST tipped on in. Then the Blues got called and evened it up. Sorry for not including more detail but the daughter of Brad Lee needed potty assistance. And aren't you glad I didn't live blog that! It was Beckman going to the box, by the way.

8:00 The No. 1 and No. 2 penalty kill teams both were successful. Shots are 23-13 Blues. And this is officially and ugly game. By the way, Tofu has the old-time mask painted on his that Dooks mentioned in the comments, and the giant pair of ears painted on the sides. It's goofy but in a cool kind of way. Or cool in a goofy kind of way. One of those two.

I demand that the Answer Man make an appearance in a live blog.

Marcus Pettersson Says:

Soooo… Brad… how does it feel to share names with two of the coolest Blues of ‘em all? BRAD Boyes and LEE Stempniak I mean. Not EMMANUEL, even though that would be sweet…
Well I'm in the middle of trying to copyright both names so that I can then license their use. Intelectual property, baby.

6:50 Tofu--BIG save on nAsH.

6:26 Jackman turned the puck over. Boll with the big slapper and a goal. It was a quick play and I don't think Tofu was ready.

3:25 Jay McKee goes to the box for tripping. Rick nASH getting more love from Bernie while the Blues continue to successfully kill the power play (nojinx nojinx nojinx).

2:08 nASH was unmolested on the post as Jackman was looking around. The shot went wide and nASH played it between his legs on the rebound for the goal. 2-0 CBJ. Let's see if this gets the team fired up.

  • Dooks Says:
  • maybe Columbus sabatages the other teams’ skates. there must be a reason Leclaire, of all people, has 3 shutouts already this seaon

    You might be on to somehting.

    Well crap. Shots are 25-19 St. Louis but the goals are 2-0 Columbus. Let's hope Willem Dafoe can put on a show and wake these guys up. One more period to go. We'll see you in the new thread.