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Blues At Blue Jackets Third Period Live Blog!


By Brad Lee

If this game was at the DrinkScotch Center, this would be about the time they played on the scoreboard the speech from Bluto talking about how we didn't give up when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor and that it's not over until we say it's over. That works all the time, right?

Goaltender's assistant coach Rick Wamsley with some good stuff. Says Tofu overplayed his angle on one goal and was too spread out on the other. He should have saved both of them. I'd agree. Gotta wonder what sitting since Game No. 2 will do to a young guy like that.

19:09 Hitchcock's thoughts: "I knew I should have waited for after the game to eat the whole postgame buffet. Now I feel bloated. Wait, I always feel bloated. I wish the puck didn't look like a Ding Dong. IÂ fuckng LOVE Ding Dongs. And Chocodiles. I hope this period goes fast."

17:54 Federov tried jamming another home. Something I noticed Tuesday, the Ducks got NO time in front of the net. Tonight CBJ has had guys on the doorstep and they're almost ignored.

16:50 Backes almost tipped one in. And this Internet nerd stands by his statement that Stempniak is getting one tonight.

15:44 Another lazy transition for the Blues. Nothing is crisp tonight.

In other NHL action, Boston leads Chicago 2-1. Kessel has two and Toews has one. Is this a Future Stars game or something?

13:05 I don't even know how to describe this game. It's ugly. And now John Kelly is at a loss for words. Just went to TV timeout and maybe a high sticking call was made. Maybe. In other news, I could watch the Riverdancing monkeys in that Arby's commercial ALL day.

12:40 Apparently there's no penalty...but now there is. Brewer with the takedown of nASH. Pretty soon we're going to start live blogging The Office on NBC instead of this.

10:52Â It's interesting to watch a different guy in net for the Blues. You can see that Tofu doesn't have the confidence of an Emmanuel Legace. It basically gives some confirmation that Legace is playing out of his mind.

Moresi Says:

At the risk of offending the Wichita, Kansas fan base don’t you feel like the Boyes, Tkachuk and Karyia line should be nicknamed the BTK Killer Line? Seriously. I don’t even want to argue about this. Approved.
Now there is a marketing idea, Morrisey. I mean Moresi. I can almost picture the T-shirts now.

8:17 Blues power play coming up. Might be the last stand for the Blues. If they don't score here, I think the only thing we have to look forward to is Dwayne King wishing Jody Shelley a good evening with a black eye.

By the way, must recommend Bandana's pulled turkey. Open faced with hot barbecue sauce and some pickles, you've got something going. It's brightened my evening watching this u-g-l-y game.

7:20 Chimera with the shorthanded breakaway thanks to Stempniak (couldn't predict that). Tofu with the acrobatic move.

6:37Â Rucinsky on the power play. That's got to warm Gallagher's heart. "Great save by Leclaire. I can see why he's had three shutouts on the season." -- Bernie, speaking directly to the Dooks.

And for some reason Willem Dafoe wants three more seconds put back on the clock. Please, no. Those are three seconds we'll never get back. We can't spare them and we don't want to wast them watching this game.

3:40 Blues not getting any good chances.

Colorado leads Boston the World Series. Curt Schilling is an old, bitter man. I hate the Red Sox. And the Columbus Blue Jackets. What a boring brand of hockey. Mike Kitchen, however, would be crapping his pants watching this stuff. Contract Columbus, Gary Bettman. We dare you.

Kelly Chase turns 40 today. He's built like a fire hydrant.

2:31 John Kelly just declared a penalty and Bernie set him straight. Now that's weird.

Empty net for the Blues, nOVOTNY had a break away, they called a penalty...which translates to a goal for the Blue Jackets. 3-0. Game and over.

I can't believe I'm going to type this...

Columbus isn't that bad a team. They got the Blues to play to their speed. They got some good goaltending and the Blues pretty much got lulled to sleep. There was no intensity in this game whatsoever. Murray even seemed really subdued. I hope this isn't a sign that the Blues are going to play up to good competition and down to poor teams. This seemed very winnable coming in. Now there's some pressure to play a good game Saturday night.

Record is 5-3-0. Still a lot better than the last two seasons, but this team is a lot better than those two.

Fill the comments up. Even you, Answer Man.

(I know the game isn't over...but it's over. The only question is if they can avoid a shutout.)