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Dress Up Today, Forget About Tuesday Night

The Lee front porch, circa 2006

By Brad Lee

First of all, thanks to the brother in law Chris Morris for this pumpkin masterpiece on my front porch last year. It was pretty sweet. It almost makes you forget how shitty the Blues played Tuesday night.

Here's some advice. Get your costume on, scare some kids and then give them the tools to make cavities (remember, baby teeth fall out!). The loss to Phoenix is going to be one of those things we forget about by the weekend. Because by that time they'll have played Thursday night in Minnesota and they'll have either suffered a different demoralizing loss to stress over or they'll have put Tuesday night to rest with a solid win. And then there's games Saturday night against Chicago and Sunday at Columbus. The Blues can't afford to dwell on this one, and neither will we.

And by the way, if you find your way to our doorstep this year, here's what will be greeting you, thanks to the influence of the Official Daughter Of Brad Lee (ODOBL):

Blue, from Blues Clues, and Dora the Explorer