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You Wore What To The Blues Game? II

By Brad Lee

I gotta represent tonight, but I don't want one of these new fangled, space-aged sweaters. Besides, I heard they pool the sweat in your shoes or something. Screw. That.

I have to go old school and bring out something unique, something only a few other guys will wear to a game. Some people call them the Red Menace, but I call it Color Coordinated Sweetness. I must admit that when the Blues wore the road sweaters with the big swath of red on the bottom, it didn't really go with the yellow and dark blue. It was plain odd. I'm glad I didn't buy one of those monstrosities. Nope. Mine is more color-coordinated, and it's black and that makes it cool. Nevermind that the team never actually wore it and it's pretty much a violation of the Blue Note Code. I'm wearing it tonight. Â

The Red Menace with a twist