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Blues vs. Coyotes Live Blog–Second Period

Look out Dwayne King!

By Brad Lee

The above lass is Noriko Kariya. She's a professional boxer. Now I don't ever remember seeing Paul Kariya get into a fight, but I bet she can kick her brother's ass.

20:00-FSN is kind of stretching for first period highlights. They've got a camera shadowing Erik Johnson. And whenever Bernie and John Kelly are on TV together, I watch John's face. He never knows what to do. Try it during the second intermission.

19:28-I'm opening beer No. 4. Man it's hard to type and drink at the same time.

19:12-How can an NHL team have six men on the ice...for a FACE OFF? Holy crap the Coyotes are dumb.

17:34-As much as I like the Kids Line (or Jay and the Americans) with Backes, Stempniak and McClement, the Backes, Rucinksy, Tkachuk line is playing pretty well. And that Carcillo kid has had some good chances down low with the puck.

16:03-Shot from Jovo and Emmaneul Legace with the save. I don't think he's had a difficlut stop yet. That's good, but doesn't give us an idea how sharp he is.

15:10-"…how does Wagner look so far?"--commenter Ehijo. He hasn't really stood out much yet. He was realllly nervous during the intermission interview with Danny. His voice cracked at least once. He's No. 49.

13:46-Erik Johnson didn't get all of a shot from the point, but it was still dangerous. The desert rats living in Phoenix (it's a dry heat) cheered Tellqvist for the save. By the way, what's on his mask? There's a face on it. I'll see if I can find a photo. Here's a photo of his old one. It has Bobby Hull and Thomas Steen, two franchise greats from Winnipeg. The new one has an old guy on the side, but just his head. Maybe it's in honor of Bill Wirtz!

12:34-Weight goes off for the third Coyote power play. I'm sure they'll not have much pressure once again.

10:17-Weight had the puck in the corner after getting out of the box. Tried to feed a cutting Kariya at the net. In December, they score on that play. I'm going to drink in anticpation.

8:26-The new sweaters aren't hideous. But the rounded bottoms hanging out, they look like white dress shirts untucked without the stripes at the bottom. And Ballard scored on his third shot after Legace stopped the first two but was on his but and couldn't stop the backhand shove. Erik Johnson hit the ice to try an block the shot and slid right out of the play. Jackman had tried to block the first shot and was late getting there and couldn't find the puck. Meanwhile, McClement practically fell on Legace. Unorganized play there.

3:52-Ballard, the goal scorer, tripped Wagner. First Blues power play tonight. EJ on the first unit.

"nice injury report there on McKee. watch him go to another tesm and start up his iron man streak again…" -- commenter Dooks. I think he needs to drink more milk/has early onset of osteaoporosis.

2:16-Dutchie Stempniak with the best scoring chance so far on the power play. 24 seconds left.

0:19-That Carcillo kid had another great shot and Legace made the save. Legace has been more challenged in the second.

And that's the end of the second period. Shots: Phoenix 22, St. Louis 15. A better second period even though it's 1-0 Jets. I mean Yotes. I need another beer. Onto the fifth beer during the intermission. Join me, please.