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Throw Another Million On The Fire - Brewer Injured Too

By Sean Gallagher

Brewer shows off a perfectly fine shoulder.After losing Jay McKee to early-onset osteoporosis before the season even began, Blues fans were treated to the news that after just one game, we've lost Eric Brewer to a shoulder injury.

Fortunately for Blues fans looking for the odd choice of player to add to their new jerseys, Micki Dupont was available and will be meeting up with the big club to fill in the gap. In 12 years as a pro, Dupont has 21 NHL games played, one goal, three assists and a minus-8 rating.

So, statistically speaking, he's due for a breakout year, right.

In the meantime, we recommend keeping Barret Jackman in some sort of padded container at all times and keeping a medical doctor on the bench during all games.