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Game Day Thread - Blues @ Kings

There's something about these Kings I just don't like.

the king of creepy

Let's all hope the Blues can avoid the kind of mental breakdown that led to the game-winner against the Coyotes.

In other game-day notes, Andy Murray gets to play against the team that fired him, which now also has his son in the lineup.

Tonight should mark the beginning of Micki Dupont's long love affair with the people of St. Louis as he jumps into the lineup while Eric Brewer jumps onto the IR.

In GT news, Brad Lee is still recovering from his live blogging experiment of Thursday night. If anyone out there is interested in joining the evr-growing kingdom of GT, we'd love to talk to you about being our game day blogger. Must be quick on the keys, quick of wit, and quickly able to clear you schedule for (especially) away games. Apply for the position by emailing

Start filling up the comments and Let's Go Blues!