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Inside The Peoria Dressing Room

By Brad Lee

Roman Polak Hey guys, did you hear the news? Eric Brewer must have blown a circuit board. The cyborg's going on the shelf again! You know how much Murray hates playing Matt Walker two games in a row, so I bet they're calling up a defenseman. Granted, I didn't have any points in 19 games last year, but I think St. Louis is ready for the beginning of the Roman Empire!

Jeff Woywitka No way they're calling you up, you dumb Polak. Everybody knows the ogranization has big plans for the Woywitkanator. Larry Pleau demanded I was included in the trade for Pronger instead of a young promising forward. Brewer obviously can't handle the pressure. But I can. They're going to call me up.

Micki Dupont Hey guys, you'll never guess where I'm going!

 Roman Polak Crap.

Jeff Woywitka Crap.