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Riksman May Be Screwed

So that's what Juuso Riksman looks like

By Brad Lee

We usually don't link too many stories over at the well known rumor monger's Web site, but this one is pretty interesting.

Remember how the Blues had way too many goalies in Peoria? Since you can only really play one at a time (but tandem goalies the last minute of a game to protect a one-goal lead sounds like a sweet and revolutionary idea!), the Blues/Rivermen loaned Riksman to a team in Sweden. Unfortunately his contract with a team in Finland says he can play in the AHL or NHL this year, but not for any team in Europe. Oops.

The Swedish team is run by Name Hall Of Famer Hakan Loob. It's a fun name to say. Try it.

Here's the linky to the story written by's Bill Meltzer.

(And apologies ahead of time for once again infringing on the Prospect Department's turf.)