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Hockeyville Sucks. 4-3 Over Lil’ Caesartown.

By Sean Gallagher

hey Dom, it's behind you.You know, I don't even care that the fans were chanting Osgood's name when they should have been chanting Hasek's. Likewise, I don't care that despite being over .500, the Blues are still in last place in the Central Division. What I do care about is that the Blues beat the Red Wings tonight and ran Hasek and his bum hip (welcome to the AARP, Dom).

The other thing that makes me happy as I lie down to sleep tonight, belly full of hot wings, Bud Ligets and visions of Jamal Mayers overcelebrating as Towel Boy's third goal celebration gets short circuited? All those bandwagon assed Wings dicks in their hybrid Yzerman jerseys thinking, "maybe I should ditch this black Wings jersey and go get a new era Blues Jersey with "Perron 57" on it.

Three stars of the night? Three Blues. Better Than that? Three Blues rookies. Johnson, Wagner, Perron. Too bad they have to celebrate by going home and playing Xbox NHL 2008. Of course, maybe if they compliment Al on his nice new ring he'll let them have a couple Buds out of the upstairs fridge before he calls for "lights out".

Goddamn I love when the Blues win and the Red Wings lose. When they happen in the same game, I get a little too excited.

EDIT: Brad Lee here. Thought it would be nice to take part of a screen shot from today and add it to the jubilation. Hope the kid doesn't get too big a head, but he was the No. 1 star in the NHL last night according to the league Web site.

Take that, Zetterburg