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Blues At Detroit 11/21/07 Second Period

Mmmmmmm turkey

By Brad Lee

Dallas Drake was just interviewed by Joel Goldberg on the FSN. It was weird to hear Drake talk about his team and not mean the Blues.

Blues outshot 10-4. Felt worse than that.

Dooks Says:

surprised they didn’t ask Drake what he thought of Murray not naming a captain “in respect” for him? I still say we need to have Hinote be captain. he’s definitely got as much heart as Drake but with loads more intensity on the ice.Â
Have to disagree, long bearded guy. The Blues need a captain who will be around for awhile, who won't be benched very often and a guy who can lead by example. I don't think Hinote has the tools or will be with the team enough long term.

18:35 ANOTHER Detroit Power Play. "And the Blues are chasing again," John Kelly said. Rucinsky in the sin bin. They do look a little flat footed.

17:56 Ryan Johnson stoned on a shorty breakaway. I was really excited...and then heard which Johnson it was on the break. Kind of knew that wasn't going in. Like the white Jamal Mayers can go backhand over the pads on someone. Yeah, right.

 16:27 The Red Wings should have another two or three goals. Don't know how the puck isn't going in. And now Hinote is in the box. Jay McKee wouldn't have...nevermind.

14:44 Legace's luck ran out. Samuelsson with the goal as the power play was close to expiring. And Detroit games always make me go negative. I really do like this team, I just don't like it when they're in Detroit.

14:02 Attention, attention please. The Red Wings have cheated and now will be punished for the first time in the game with a penalty. We hope that teaches them a lesson.

10:46 Lots of standing around and watching by the Blues in their own end. Very tentative when it comes to marking a man or getting into passing lanes. This could get ugly.

8:55 Joe Buck is at the game right behind the Blues bench. And the Blues get another power play. So generous.

7:25Â Osgood with the flash of glove making the play look more important than it was. I hate that when an other team's goalie does that.

5:47 And the flood gates are starting to open as "Cleary gets in the clear...and he scores," Kelly said. How prophetic will I look when Tofu comes in?

4:08 Gotta love some Bon Jove "Living On A Prayer" action before the faceoff. And Andy Murray is on the verge of shaking he's so pissed. God this game sucks.

2:21 Blues need some physicality as Kelly Chase would say. Some sort of spark through a hit or fight, something to get the blood pumping because otherwise, they look slow. Jackman is trying and then EJ with the puck moving between his legs

1:31 Another Blues Penalty. And possibly another for arguing. If I could read lips, I'm pretty sure I could confirm that Jackman said something about fucking to the referee.

Does anyone even want to see a thread for the third period? Not only is it lopsided, it's ugly lopsided.

We might be back for the third. If all else fails, we'll have an open thread. The Blues have given up on this game, maybe we all should.