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Blues Vs. Canucks 11/23/07 Open Thread

Who says we have humongous heads?

By Brad Lee

Unless you have a ticket to tonight's game or Center Ice (which is a good investment by the way), you ain't seeing this game. All your puck belong to us.

Anyway, the big-headed Sedin twins are in town along with the Vancouver Old Fashioned Derogatory Name for Western Canadians. Vancouver has gotten points in eight straight games. Marcus Naslund has a four-game goal scoring streak after a hat trick Wednesday. In those four games, Naslund and the twins have a combined 20 points. The Blues shut those guys down, this game is very winnable.

We'll all be at the game picking leftover turkey out of our teeth and downing some quality AB products that will be absorbed by the brick of stuffing left in our stomachs form yesterday. Feel free to leave your comments. Anybody that can see the game and want to describe some of the action, feel free. Or just be a smartass as usual. And for a late breaking story, we go to the Blues dressing room.

Eric Mr. Roboto Brewer Coach. I've got some bad news. When I shut it down last night to recharge my batteries, I must have left myself in an awkward position. It feels like I've got several circuit boards pushing into the middle of my back. I don't think I'll be able to power it up and give it a go.

Willem Dafoe lookalike Brew, you gotta be shittin' me. What do you mean you can't play, you've been like a machine lately, my own little terminator to put out in the last minute of games. You can't be malfunctioning.

Brewer It just doesn't compute, coach. I gotta shut it down or my whole system is going to crash. Sorry.

Willem Dafoe lookalike Great, now who am I going to dress to play defense. Walker, get over here. You ready to play tonight?

Matt Mustard Stain Walker Aw geez, coach. I dunno. Willie in the kitchen was going to make me some special chicken wings for tonight. After that kielbasa in Detroit Wednesday, I really need to get my stomach right with some quality buffalo wing sauce. I think I'll have to sit this one out and be ready for Sunday.

Willem Dafoe lookalike You got a stain on your suit again. Fine. McKee!

F. Jay McKee Coach, don't make me sit in the box with Walker again. He tried knawing on my hand Wednesday when I spilled some cheese sauce on my fingers. Please trade me. Send me to Peoria. I'll even go to Alaska. Just don't make me go back there. I feel

The Goblin from Spiderman Fine. You're dressing tonight. You play with Salvador. Don't get a career threatening injury or anything.

F. Jay McKee Oh, coach Dafoe! You won't regret this. I am going to play my hardest. I need to stretch, and get wrapped and get dressed!

McKee turns to run to his dressing stall, trips over Manny Legace's pads and is knocked unconcious on the dressing room floor.

The Goblin from Spiderman Tell me you didn't see that one coming.