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Sorry We’ve Been Away

He thinks he's a sniper now

By Brad Lee

The holidays, a couple of Blues home games close together and being sick have kept us from the Interwebs for a couple of days. Sorry bout that.

Since we've been here last, the Blues have won two more games at home giving them the longest current home winning streak in the NHL with five wins in a row. They beat a hot Vancouver team 3-1 Friday night and then shutout the Flames 3-0 Sunday night. And we'd still argue that they haven't been playing their best hockey.

What seems a shocking trend is the Blues' record in division and out of the division. Against everyone else in the league, the Blues are 7-3 with two of those loses to Phoenix. Against the Central Division, the Blues are 6-5.

Next game is Wednesday night in Buffalo. Then Friday in Minnesota before a possibly fun Saturday night tilt vs. the Chicago Blackhawks.

We're more up and moving around than we've been in a few days, so come back and check for a few more posts later today.

Emmanuel allowed one less goal Sunday than Stempniak has scored all year