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Blues At Sabres 11/28/07 Thread/Blog…Maybe

Mmmmmmm buffalo wings.

By Brad Lee

We imagine this is Mike Kitchen's favorite place to visit in the NHL.

Blues at Sabres tonight, 6 p.m. STL Time. If you have the Center Ice package, bully for you. The team has lifted the blackout for St. Louis fans wishing to watch. If you're too cheap/broke to have the package, try a sports bar.

These early Eastern Time Zone games are hard to guarantee a live blog. Have some fun in the comments, and you never know, we might be around later to orchestrate some reindeer games.

To get your buffalo juices flowing, check out Jeremy Rutherford's Morning Skate entry today. He's got the line combinations and they're making us scratch our head again. No Perron and Weight is betwixt Kariya and Boyes. Interesting.Â

Also, Sabres fans apparently still love Fragile Jay McKee and Buffaloans in general, they like nearly hometown boy made good Lee "I Have One Stinking Goal" Stempniak.

Let's jump ahead to the third period...

7:08 The Blues had a lead of 3-2. It's now 3-3. The Buffalo crowd is loud. They're very optimistic about their chances. Â

5:55Â Jay McClement does not know where the puck is on the doorstep as it's in his feet. If only there was a Blues fan there yelling "FEET!" He almost kicked it past Legace who was sprawling.

And in Buffalo, theye're playing Quiet Riot. I bet the Answere Man is jealous.

5:13 It's 4-4 for two minutes. I was worried that Danny Briere and Chris Drury would come out and dominate. And then I realized it wasn't 2006.

3:35 Brewer just pinched in. And then he got caught up ice leading to a 2-1. Coming back late in the play, he deflected the centering pass...on net at a SHOCKED Emmanuel Legace. Wow.

1:55 The Sabres LIVE to carry the puck up ice. And they've got enough speed to do it most of the time, but there are times where it's not a bad play to dump it in. I'm guessing it's a sign of weakness in Europe to dump it in or something. The end result is the Blues look a little flat footed. Never mind

BLUES SCORE! BRADLEY BOYES with 57 seconds to go. He just took out the trash with the puck loose in the crease with Miller sprawled.

Holy crap, didn't think they were going to pull this out. Now just need to shut them down for under a minute.

And that's a winner! I don't think they allowed a shot in the last 57 seconds. The Blues are 7-1 in their last eight games. As Kerber pointed out on the radio, this was a game the Blues had in hand. They have to get points in these games.

By the way Mr. Fake Boss Gallagher, we turned the Center Ice on tonight. My accounting department said they will be sending you an invoice.

The weirdest part about watching on Center Ice, as soon as the game is over, the broadcast is over and they go to this loop of cheesy music. It's fun when we fall asleep to a game and then wake up to the loop at like 2 a.m. and you realize the song was incorprated into a really bad dream.