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Blues Getting Noticed

No. 6 with a bullet

By Brad Lee

The Blurry, hard to read thing at the top of this is the Blues ranking in the latest Sports Illustrated NHL Power Rankings of all 30Â teams in the league. The number on the left in bold is their current ranking (No. 6) and the number in gray is what the ranking was last week (No. 13). Not too shabby.

So you don't have to squint, here's what writer Scott Wraight said about the Blues when this was posted Tuesday afternoon, a day before the thrilling come from behind 4-3 win at Buffalo:

St. Louis Blues (13-8-0)

If you throw out Wednesday's loss to Detroit, the Blues haven't suffered a regulation loss since Nov. 9. How have they done it? Solid defense, a top-ranked PK and stellar goaltending. All three have to be in tip-top shape considering the offense has notched more than three goals just once Oct. 27. Start lighting the lamp, Paul Kariya.
Last Week: 3-1-0

We hate using Howard Balzer math ("If you throw out the 50-yard run and the 95-yard run, the Rams only allowed 43 yards rushing the entire game!"), but the Blues have a four-game winning streak and a three-game winning streak surrounding a Thanksgiving Eve 3-0 pasting at Detroit. That's not too shabby.

We've said it before, we'll say it again: as long as Emmanuel keeps playing like he has and the Blues stay moderately healthy (don't winning teams just seem to have fewer injuries?), they're going to be on the heals of the Red Wings waiting for any stumbles in Detroit.