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Home Alone Live Blog-Period Two

Brad Lee's expression watching this game

By Brad Lee

What an ugly first period. I can see why no one is either watching this game or is inspired enough to post a comment about it. This has officially become the Home Alone Live Blog.

This effort begs the question, "If a guy spends the late afternoon live blogging a hockey game no one is watching and no one reads it, will his wife still get upset?" I say yes, but let's find out together alone.

Chris D Says:

note to blues: even in pickup games when there are goalies you don’t get a point for hitting the postÂ
Yeah, but it sure makes a cool sound. Listening last night on the radio 700+ miles away, you could still hear the CLANK! loud and clear. I love that sound, even when it's the Blues doing the clanking.

And the Pats just punted on their first possession in the second half, only the second punt of the game so far.

18:31 The Blues have 50 seconds left on the power play. How they got there, I don't know. Erik Johnson is on one point. No shorthanded goals allowed yet. Minor victory right there.

17:55 John Kelly just mentioned that Lee Stempniak hasn't scored in nine straight games. What's up with him? Is the increased play on the penalty kill and skating against the other team's No. 1 line most nights contributing to his and drop in production? I was really hoping he'd score 30+ this year. Any thoughts on the matter, Chris D, the only person on the Internet who is paying attention to my words...until Gallagher chipped in while I was typing that.

gallagher Says:

and sorry about not participating in your “Just Back From Florida And Already Attached To A Computer” blog, but one kid’s volleyball game followed soon after by dinner at Nana’s and my whole afternoon/eve is shot.
Hey fake boss, it's called dedication. And not wanting to help with dirty vacation laundry. Isn't that one of the worst smells in the world by the way? Not as bad as camping dirty laundry, but stinky nonetheless.

13:54 Blues going on the power play after Christian Backman was hooked down. Columbus penalty killers are licking their chops.

12:35Â Tkachuk with a PRETTY break-in after the BJs had a shot shorthanded. He got hooked and the Blues get a 5-3 for more than 50 seconds.

Tom Brady: 11-17 just over 80 yards halfway through the third quarter. Still 13-7 Colts. The Patriots have yet to be held under 30 points this year.

11:11 Columbus killed off the first penalty. Pricks.

By the way, if betting was legal and a guy who runs a hockey publication picked games against the spread in a group setting, he might be in the lead thanks to the Packers. Hypothetically speaking.

gallagher Says:

Also, after last night, why is Jackman on the PP? I’d rather see the one unit with Brewer and the other with Johnson. Or even the 5 forwards choice.Â
I agree 100 percent, but I can almost see Murray saying, "Jax, you're going to be on the power play going forward. We need you. Hang in there, I believe in you." I think the captain of the Titanic gave a similar speech to the guy who didn't see the iceberg.

8:37 Blues have 13 shots in the second period vs. one for the BJs. Intensity is much better, time in the offensive zone is greatly improved. As Bernie just said, it's completely opposite...except for the score.

Football update: 13-10 Indy with under 2:00 left in the third. Figured this would be a 35-33 type of game.

7:32 Rucinsky (when did he switch to his old number? I realize he can because of Cajanek leaving, but I hadn't noticed it until today) just crumpled to the ice. Gallagher smiled.

Rick nASH scored late in the period after catching the puck and moving it around with a closed hand. Bernie was not happy. And then Brewer took a penalty. And then Barret Jackman had to be helped off the ice after taking a shot to the side of his foot. AWESOME end to the period. I refuse to do the next live blog for a Columbus game.