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Home Alone Live Blog-Period Three

We bet Maurice Clarrett is a big Columbus fan

By Brad Lee

What a waste of a game. Making convicts in Ohio like Maurice Clarrett watch BJ games is cruel and unusual punishment and should not be allowed.

I predict the comments in the third period will be sparse, especially with the Pats threatening and down by 10 in the fourth quarter.

Touchdown Wes Welker. And now New England, which came in as a six-point favorite on the road at the defending Super Bowl champions is down three with about eight minutes to play.

17:13 Blues getting lots of ugly chances, but nothing in the net yet. Apparently the gameplan right now is get it on net, Leclaire isn't that good. Of course when Ryan Johnson is doing some of the shooting, he might as well be Patrick Roy circa 1993.

Football: Manning was sacked hard on third down and fumbled, but the Colts fell on the ball. Mr. Fabulous Tom Brady gets the ball at his own 49 yard line with 3:58 to play, down by three. Interesting.

Football: Dreamboat to Kevin Faulk, TOUCHDOWN. Wow, that didn't take long. 3:15 is left. Mr. Commercial now gets the ball down by four at home. You can feel the worry in the RCA Dome.

11:35 Blues still down 2-0. Baaaaack to football.

Manning fumbled the ball away and New England is nearly finishing a great win that will really lead people to start talking about 16-0.

Oh, and the Blues are now down 3-0. Sweet.