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Blues Have Poor Timing

Mmmmmmm. Beer.

By Brad Lee

We really hate to be the bearers of bad news, but the Blues organization has shitacular timing...again. Maybe they didn't learn their lesson raising ticket prices after finishing dead last in the NHL. It's possible Blues leadership didn't understand the poor timing of bringing Mike Kitchen back for another season. And now in the middle of their most difficult stretch of the season (granted, we're a month in) where the Blues have lost five of their last eight, we'll be greeted to something no man wants to see the next time we pass through the turnstile at DrinkScotch Center. The Blues...have raised beer prices. By a quarter.

According to an anonymous source within the building, beer prices at the next home game will be $7.75 for a 16 oz. aluminum bottle and $8.75 for a 24 oz. cup.

Some Readers: Twenty-five cents? That's it?

Brad Lee: Can you believe it! The audacity!

SR: What's the big deal?

BL: It's the principle of the matter. The Blues have done all the right things. They've built from within while simultaneously adding a marquee guy like Martin Kariya and his brother. They scrapped the ice whores concept. They got a mascot but at least ditched the Blues Brother outfit. But raising beer prices by any amount is a travesty, an injustice perpetrated on the working man.

SR: Here's a quarter. Have a beer.
Honestly, while the guy trying to fill his gut with cold, amber-colored, hops-flavored goodness will feel the pain in his wallet (change purse), the guy lugging around the plastic tub filled with ice and beer will feel it more. We'd bet the majority of tips for a single beer was the left over 50 cents from breaking a dollar bill. Now, that change will be a quarter. We bet the hard working beer men and women of ScotTowel Center will feel it most of all.

And if this happened in the middle of a four-game winning streak, no one would probably notice.