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Blackhawks Suck! (and so do their fans!)

By Adam DukeÂ

Thank goodness for the close proximity of Saint Louis to Chicago that allows hundreds, nay, thousands of fans from one city to flock to the other to witness each and every key match-up between their respective teams.

That having been said, I would never go to another city dressed like this guy:

Hawks FanÂ

He's begging for ridicule.

His apparent fandom is clearly punctuated by the homoerotic costume that he's chosen to wear, which makes him slightly less tolerable to be around than a screaming child, and slightly more tolerable to be around than a bucket of horse cum.

It's good of him to allow that poor kid out of the well in the basement to catch a game. I'm willing to bet that by now that kid has become part of this guy's skin-suit.

This is the Chicago equivalent of a Saint Louis fan heading up to the Windy City dressed as the towel boy. Don't worry about matching a belt to those mocassins, 'Hawk fan - the only thing that goes with those is social ostracism.

Enjoy tonight's game!