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Blues Vs. Oilers Open Thread

It probably stinks in there

By Brad Lee

Inside the Blues dressing room...

Matt Nachos N Cheese Walker Man, Tuesday night means it's Italian sausage night in the press box. I don't mean to sound all French, but I love me some Italian sausage.

Willem Dafoe Hey Walker, come see me in my office.

Matt Jumbo Hot Dog Walker Oh coach, you don't have to take me to your office to tell me to skate extra after practice and then put on my one suit to watch the game in the press box. It's ok. I stopped being mad about it around Thanksgiving. I haven't played since Oct. 25. I don't even have a helmet anymore. I sold it on eBay.

The voice of Gill in Finding Nemo Well see the equipment guys because you're going to need a new one. You're playing tonight.

Matt Fried Caneloni Walker But coach, its Tuesday. It's TUESDAY. Did I do something wrong? Why are you playing me? Is Fragile Jay McKee hurt again?

Sgt. Elias Grodin from Platoon You haven't done anything wrong and Jay is as healthy as he'll ever be. It's Backman who screwed up. He sits, you play. Dear God, I hope you're ready.

Matt Toasted Ravioli Walker Well you're the coach. I thought drinking a gallon of chocolate Yoohoo after practice was a good idea, but I guess I can't play any worse than Brewer. Now I have to find Fragile Jay. He bet me a bucket of KFC I wouldn't play before Groundhog Day.

Fine'Â Â