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Top 11 things Eric Brewer hasn’t figured out

 4 more years! 4 more years!

11: His defense partner is not Chris Pronger

10: Just because your last name is Brewer doesn't make you one.

09: Defensemen are still allowed to score more than 6 goals a year

8: Stateside, international gold medals are worth the same as those free aol online introductory offer disks.

gold medal or aol offer? who cares..

 07: 3.5 million dollars a year is a lot of money.

06: The Bluenote code does NOT say the less you make as a defenseman, the better you play.

05: You could have made us forget we lost Pronger when we got you for well over two years.

04: The referees have not gotten tired of calling holding penalties yet.

03: How to fight.

Ouch! My Pride!

02: When you try to clear the zone, the puck should leave your stick traveling faster than 3 MPH

01: Being Andy Murray's go-to-guy after Salvadore only gets you so much.... 17 million.

Brewer's pocket change