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So, I Guess We Have A Band Now

By Sean Gallagher

And then, one time, at band camp...Much to my surprise on Sunday night, the Blues are now employing a pep band to liven things up. I'm sure most regular readers think they know what I'm about to say (Gallagher hates everything new, so I'm sure we're in for a "Top 11 Reasons Band Geeks Love Being In The Band" or something...), but you'd all be wrong.

Yeah, I'll say it: I liked the band at the hockey game.

And sure, I think band geeks are, well, geeky. I also think that band is sort of a weird self-perpetuating entity where band geeks grow up and justify spending their time in bands by forming other bands... like pep bands... but this worked for me.

As someone who has railed against the management for trying gimmick after gimmick (after gimmick) to get fans back into their arena, I'll tell you like I see it: this ain't no free taco and it's no sweaty guy in a furry blue rat costume, either. I think this one works.

I really liked the atmosphere of the college hockey that was played here during the Frozen Four last spring, but never would have suggested trying to replicate it. The management, for whatever reason, decided to give the SLU Pep Band some really nice seats in the Club Level and let them go nuts with various fight songs and "Let's Go Blues" drumbeats.

Just as some folks love the blue rat that I hate and some think the "Come Back in 14 Hours For A Free Taco!" is a good promotion, I'm sure there are fans who hated the pep band. To each their own, but I'd imagine that the B(SLU)es Pep Band isn't going to be an every-game deal. For one, those seats are just too expensive to give away 41 times a year, plus the Pep Band's hectic schedule probably won't match up for every Blues home game. Hell, even Pep Banders have to fit in a kegger every now and then, right?

OK, maybe not pep banders, but still.