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Red Wings at Blues Open Thread

Take this, old man!

By Brad Lee

No live blog tonight, so we'll go with the open thread technique. And much like the Crane Technique in "The Karate Kid," when executed correctly, there is no defense for it.

Here's the Yahoo! preview. Osgood will be in goal for Detroit. Zettereberg is expected back after missing Saturday night's game with back spasms. Tomas Holmstrom could be in or out.

And because it's the holiday season and Gallager thought this one belongs in the Top 11 Hall of Fame, for free before you can even buy it, here is one of the Top 11s in the paper. Don't forget to add your comments real time or after you stumble home concerning hopefully a Blues victory.

Let's Go Blues!

Top 11 Things Fans Have Yelled At Kris DraperÂ

11.      Hey Draper, my favorite player is Claude Lemieux.

10.      Hey Draper, did you get the taste of Maltby’s dick washed out of your mouth? Â

9.        Hey Draper, I can’t skate, shoot or pass the puck either.

8.        Hey Draper, do you miss spooning with McCarty on those long flights?

7.        Hey Draper, you suck! I just talked to Maltby.

6.        Hey Draper, I didn’t know they had a McJobs program in the NHL.

5.        Hey Draper, the jerk store called and they’re all out of you.

4.        Hey Draper, I saw the way you looked at Holmstrom. Trying to make Maltby jealous? Â

3.        Hey Draper, is it hard to be illiterate in the NHL?

2.        Hey Draper, I’m going to ruin your day and tell you which fashion designer got voted off on Project Runway.

1.        Hey Draper, I’ve decided that on Boxing Day, it’s not polite to point out that you’re a no-talent hack and a giant pussy. Instead, I’m just going to tell you seasons greetings. Â
That is going to leave a mark.