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Blues Continue Scoreless Streak

Damn Kazakstan goaltender.

By Brad Lee

Two straight games the Blues have drawn 19,250 people. And for two straight games they failed to score one single fucking goal.

While we don't miss seeing Towel Boy, it's pretty disheartening to see a pretty good effort go to waste. Emmanuel Legace even stopped a third-period penalty shot a few minutes before Eric Brewer screened him on a shot from the point that found the top corner of the net. If you allow 18 shots and one goal, you should win.

The Blues are already on the way to Lambert for what we expect will be a really quiet flight to Dallas where they play Saturday night.

We're working out the kinks on a special live blog. If it happens, we'll be sure to put notice up for the particulars. Until then, feel free to weigh in and string together new combinations of curse words to vent your frustration from the last few home games.