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Dear Drunk Lady in Section 123

by The Answer Man

I hate you. You absolutely ruined the game for all of us around you last night. Even when you were asked to shut your damn mouth not only by us AND the usher you still proceed to yell the following:

"Send them Sharks back swimming"- 478 times
"SHOOOTTTT!!!"- When the Blues are on the power play and have the puck behind the net- 78 times
"C'mon Blues fight!"- 305 times
"Go Blues because the Sharks suck!" 19 times
"Why is my beer gone?!" - 40 times
"Oh I know, I know I used a curse word!"- while talking to the usher- 13 times
"PUSSIES!!!"- loud enough that the young kids in our section looked at their parents- 9 times

Look, I have no problem with people cheering. That is what we should do as fans. My problem is that it is blatant verbal masturbation by a fucking idiot. You know nothing about hockey (that's OK too) but keep the numbskull remarks to yourself and not yell them as loud as you can an insane amount of times. I hate you and your boyfriend/keeper/owner guy who constantly yelled "Offense!!!" and "What the fuck?!"

It is times like this I wish stupidity was painful.


Answer Man

P.S. I hate you