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Blues Blow Kariya’s Hat Trick

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Tkachuk having trouble with the puck

By Brad Lee

The Blues remembered how to score...just not during the shootout.

Paul Kariya singlehandedly brought the Blues back from a pair of two-goal deficits and sent the game to overtime on his third goal of the period with just 11 seconds left. A spirited overtime ended without a goal sending the game to the shootout.

The Stars failed on their first two attempts before Mike Modano put one by Hannu Toivonen. Lee Stempniak had a chance to extend the shootout another round but put it off the post.

It's important to note, Toivonen has played in all three shootouts. He's won one and lost two and given up a total of two goals. That's right, he's lost two shootouts 1-0. Sweet.

We were going to attempt a groundbreaking live blog at a bar but some of us had to spend time with families or some weirdness. Another time.

So the Blues got a point but not a win. Your thoughts?