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Should He Stay or Should He Go?

By Sean Gallagher

David Perron wishes we would find another picture to use.And no, this time we're not talking about staying in the NHL or going back to juniors. The question before Blues management is whether or not to make David Perron available to the Canadian World Juniors team. If available, the Canadians would likely select him to represent his country in the prestigious annual tournament.

It seems like he wants to stay with the big club, and it seems like the Blues want to have him around, even if he's in the pressbox Tuesday night for the fourth straight game. As quoted in the TSN article about Perron's WJC attendence, the youngster said,

"I'm hoping to stay. When you are a junior, obviously you want to go. Now that I'm here, I'd rather stay."

As for John Davidson, he left the door open, but made it sound like he was leaning in one direction:
"It'll depend on how our team looks at the time.... Right now he's a Blue."

Personally, we're sold on the kid as a pro and couldn't care less about the Canadian World Junior team, so we'd rather have him here helping the team and continuing his development playing against men rather than boys. But we're just one person using the royal we. What do you think?