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Blues At Flames 12/04/07 Second Period

Who knew he had a lazy eye?

By Brad Lee

This is the thread for the second period. It hasn't started yet. We'll be back when it does.

18:17 Toivonen on a "flashy" save of Iginla on a long rebound. As the Canadian guy said to the other Canadian guy, "And he made sure everyone in the building knew he made the save."

15:05 We're in the middle of bedtime for the id. Sorry for the lack of posts. Stempniak was penalized for tripping. Tofu with a nice save early in the PK. Which is now expired.

14:00 By the way, if you're good at the Interwebs and stuff, there's something called sopcast wheree you can watch the game streaming online. If you are doing this, post it in the comments for everyone. We've heard this might be the link... ine=icehockey

11:30Â Toivonen gave up a rebound, the puck was laying just outside the crease and Nilson swept in and put it in the net before it came of its moorings. The announcer thought Tofu was selling the flashy save again and didn't know the puck wasn't in his glove.

10:30 Flames are buzzing now. They're feeling it after that goal.

10:05 Shots are now 19-13...CALGARY. Hello second period letdown.

Chris D Says:

brewer tried to help the flames there so i expect him to now be benched and erik to back in. will it happen?Â
This was a topic on the rumor monger's Web site. I have a higher opinion of Brewer than most, but it is an interesting topic.

And Dan Hinot and Mark Smith have a decent little fight. I think Smith got the decision.

8:55 Lots of shots at Toivonen. Not good, not good.

7:11 Toivonen, hell of a save on Huselius who was skating all alone at the top of the crease. He didn't go down too early. "And then he gives it the sales job again after."

2:55 Dustin Boyd just banked it in off a defenseman or Toivonen. He was in the corner, threw it in front, Tofu wasn't covering the post and it went in off his ass. Calgary announceres think the Flames have nearly 20 shots in the period.

0:48 Two lucky fans in western Canada just won vacuums after that Flames goal. Sweet. God I can't wait for this period to end.

Fucking A, it's finally over. The shots are 1,588 to 10 or something preposterous like that. We'll have a different thread for the third. We predict much profanity from Andy Murray