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Blues At Flames Third Period

Hannu Toivonen kind of feels like this.

By Brad Lee

Blues down 2-1 entering the third. They have to cut some shots downif they want to turn this around.

Gift Says:

Duck Hunt…f*cking hilarious!Â
Thanks, mang. And I won't even make fun of you censoring yourself. We sometimes fucking cuss around here. You should know this.

19:24 Salvador looks like a badass with the black eye. Hopefully he'll be in a picture on Yahoo! after the game.

17:15 Shots are 29-14 Calgary. And now Mayers and Ryan Johnson are taking shots. Murray probably told everyone to start getting shots, even the guys who can't hit the broadside of Nebraska.

15:35 King and Backes on a break-in. King actually got a kind of dangerous shot on net.

Are teh Blues going to get one power play this game? Does that EVER happen? Whoever wrote the comment about the all Canadian officiating crew and the fact that the Blues weren't playing aggressive enough to draw a penalty were both a little right.

gallagher Says:

Seriously: how many shots does Dwayne Gretzky have now?Â
With 15:50 to play, the event summary sheet on said three, but I think he just got one more right after that. According to the sheet, four Blues players have three shots each, includign King, who was sucking air after a big hit by Regehr.

11:47 It seems like only a mattere of time before the Flames score again. Shots are 29-17. Toivonen have kept them in this game, no doubt.

9:30 TOIVONEN IS DOWN FACE FIRST ON THE ICE AFTER A FLAME FELL ON HIS LEFT LOWER LEG AT THE POST. "Now who's going to be the goalie." "Ah, I don't think he's that hurt." Hey Canadian announcer, fuck off.

Apparently Tofu is ok. The announcers thought he was pulling a soccer "I'm dying, call the penalty" trick. Eh. Still made us gulp audibly.

6:30 I'm officially nervous about this game. Please let the record reflect.

5:25 Owen Nolan is old and bad and can't score on a half the ice breakaway on Toivonen. I almost crapped my pants...and then they said it was Nolan.

Gift Says:

Owen Nolan. Two first names, or two last names?Â
Nolan Ryan says that's two first names. And Dad always said never trust a man with two first names.

3:43 Holy Shit! The Blues are finally going to get a power play. And Huselius who is going to the box said, "But ref, that wasn't in the script."

3:17 Blues fighting for the puck in thee corner then puck is cleared. Now can't get through the neutral zone.

2:41 Stempniak can't carry through traffic. 45 seconds left in the PP.

2:00 One of the worst power plays possible at the most inopportune time. 15 seconds left.

1:35 BREWER. He was trying a diagnal pass through the neutral zone, put it right on Huselius' stick. Breakaway. Nice move. Flames goal, now up 3-1. Totally on Brewer.


1:04 Phaneuf is in the box for tripping. Toivonen is on the bench. I really don't like pulling the goalie on the power play because there's no icing, but with one minute left and a two goal lead for the other team, whatever.

Chris D Says:

if brewer’s not benched after this game then andy murray’s a liarÂ
Strong words, but I can't disagree.

And that's all she wrote. Disappointing to be sure with such a quick start. In fact, the first loss for the Blues when they had a lead after one period. Damn.

Edmonton on Friday, your autopsy of this one continues in the comments. Thanks, for joining us. Have a save drive home.