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The Code- the you make the joke version

 I've been reading the complete published version of the Blues' code. While some of the stronger points have been used in commercials, I'd thought I'd point out a few of the lesser know rules, regualtions and suggestions contained in the full 287 page report.

... No Blues player or representative will allow Miss "Lassie" Honeywell into the room containing the game-used jock straps

this is a BLues no no no YESSSSS!

 ... Andy Murray must take the blame for not playing Perron more, not gettting the defensemen to produce more offensively, not getting Hinote ice time by saving , "It is my responisbility" to get those players involved, but he then must continue to not get them involved

...Once the Blues defense has shown it can remain injury free for 4 consecutive games, it is the goalie's job to get injured

 ...There is no such term as "radio only game";  the proper term is "televisionally challanged game"

the blues vs calgary game.