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Blues At Oilers 12/07/07 Live Blog!

kind of looks like a giant puck

By Brad Lee

The game is 8 p.m. STL time and on the FSN and KMOX. We're going to give this our best effort but we can't promise Mrs. Brad Lee doesn't distract this live blogger.

David Perron and Erik Johnson are in, Rucinsky and Steve Wagner are out. Legace is on the IR with Hannu "Ears" Toivonen in net with Marek "I Used To Be The Goalie Of The Future" Schwarz backing him up.

We'll be back soon.

18:42 "When you're hot, you're hot," Federko said about Stempniak. Gallagher agrees.

17:49 Love hearing the Edmonton crowd. They really get into it and they all groan and react on smaller plays. I'm probably 1/4 Canadian, minimum. Plus, I hate most Canuck fans.

16:50Â McClement goes to the box for hooking. Oilers are the worst power play in the league, Blues second best on the PK. Like them odds.

D.J. King is also in the press box with Matt Walker and Steve Wagner. Sorry for the late update, everyone not commenting so far.

14:40 Marty Reasoner is still in the NHL? Weird. Of course he's still shooting right at the goaltender. Reasoner said he misses St. Louis. He probably meant Sauget.

13:46 Horcoff hit the post. Toivonen about crapped his pants. And we have a Perron sighting.

9:20 We. Love. Boyes. Stempniak made a nice move and put the puck on net, tracked down the puck in the corner. Boyes maneuvered through traffic and put a leaning shot over the goaltender, Garon. Alright, that seals it, we're launching a full fledged vote for Brad Boyes push on the Internet.

Blues 1-0 and damn lucky to have a lead. The Oilers have the only power play so far and they've had the majority of scoring chances before Boye's 16th goal.

8:30 And to illustrate that point, Hemsky almost scored on the break. Tofu made the save, but Salvador and his black eye were called for hooking. Oilers had two shots on the first power play and have one in the first few seconds of this one.

7:20 McClement and the forward Johnson who doesn't play like Jamal Mayers had a nice chance shorthanded. And then Johnson got knocked down. No call. Bastard zebras.

6:06 Blues killed it off, but Oilers are still pressing in the offensive zone. According to a poster over at Stltoday, the Blues are 9-2-1 when Boyes scores.

Does no one stay home and hang out on the computer to watch a Blues road game on a Friday night?

Don't answer that.

5:00 They just showed Tofu's stats. His save percentage is at 94.9 percent. Holy crap. And as I was typing that, Tofu had to do the "I'm lying on my back with my legs together frantically looking around because I might be on the puck...and I might not" move. Sorry, my bad.

John Says:

Oh, I’m not here. I’m at the bar (wink, wink) searching for Mrs. Right who will help turn my parents into grandparents.Â
Could be worse. Your wife could be giving you a hard time about typing on the computer and watching the game. Again. And we've heard that you can meet a lot of hot women on the Internet. I'm sure not all of them are men.

2:09 When you have Weight, Boyes and Kariya on the ice and McKee takes the shot, something about that play is dreadfully wrong.

I bet one of the Edmonton fans yelled "SHOOT!" and McKee thought, "Well we're in Edmonton and Canadian fans are smart. What do I have to lose?"

1:19 Horcoff to Hemsky and he lights the lamp. Right off the faceoff. Nice shot over the quick to go down Toivonen.

And that's the first period, 1-1. Blues are lucky to be tied, we think. More in a new thread.

(And I swear I typed that before Kelly said basically the same thing)