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Blues At Oilers Third Period

bare-headed bastardÂ

By Brad Lee

"Get the daughter's PJs on."

"Yes dear."

"Put her to bed."

"Yes dear."

"Let the dogs out."

"Yes dear."

"OK, now you can go back to your boyfriends online."

I have no idea how much time is left without the bar at the top of the screen. Weight's in the box. We're playing catchup on the post.

Blues have a power play. It's for two minutes but we'll have no judge of that because we have totally become dependent on....nevermind. Brad Boyes is my hero.

"Boy is he hot," Federko said. I smell man crush.

At some point in the third period: Blues Score Again! Weight was trying to center it to Stempniak, but it richotted off a sliding Oiler defenseman. That's Weight's first goal since April 3. Holy crap, that's a long time. D.J. King thinks that's forever between goals.

I know it seems odd to just start coppying comments into the thread, but these two made me laugh out loud. And they're the only one's keeping me company.

That's some good stuff right there.

13:50 apparently. Jackman in the box. BIG shot that didn't go in for the Oilers.

12:19 "Great play by Brewer; EXCELLENT play by Brewer," Kelly said after Brewer swept the puck away. Just wanted to drive Chris D a little crazy.

10:09 Blues playing well. EJ wants a goal bad.

gallagher Says:

Is it just me or does it seem like McKee is dropping to his knees a lot tonight?

(insert punchline here)Â
He's no Martin Havlat. Please no gay porn jokes in the comments. Please.

8:23 Blues on the power play and Perron just missed an open net. He has an assist. And Kelly just pointed out he hasn't played in four games. That's a lot of nachos to share with Matt Walker.

So I don't want to wear one of the new sweaters. Not a big fan, liked the most recent ones much more. So on the eBay, the wife bought me an authentic from last year. I have been planning on getting Stempniak on the back, but she says, "Your name is Brad, you should get Boyes." At the game Saturday, she asked why someone had his sweater with No. 38 on the back. It led to this:

"That was his number last year on that style of sweater...which would mean I'd have to get 38 on mine if I get Boyes."


"Because he only wore 22 on the new ones."

"That doesn't matter."

"Yes. It. Does."

"No one will notice."

7:44 And Edmonton just scored on a stupid giveaway by McClement who carried the puck into the skates of a teammate.

5:35 Tkachuk and Kariya just made a really fucking compelling argument to reunite the killer BTK line. 4-2 Blues on a rebound goal for Kariya after Tkachuk did the heavy lifting. Andy, please. We're putting the band back together. We're on a mission from God.

4:40 Blues on the power play. Just hung up some laundry. I am Super Dad.

If the Blues score five goals on the road and they don't give out tacos to the homeless tomorrow, I hope the Rev. Larry Rice protests at DrinkScotch.

3:23 Erik Johnson is in the box. Damn. Now Murray will bench him until Boxing Day (Canadian holiday references can be fun!). Empty net and by the way, EJ went to the Nickelback concert this summer in St. Louis and he's not even Canadian. All this knowledge for free.

1:09 Mayers almost got the empty netter. Never watched Sopranos, sorry. Now Dexter, there's a good fucking cable series on Showtime. Would love to see Toivonen go for the goal, but something tells me Murray would cut his ears off.

38 fucking seconds left and Marty Motherfucking Reasoner scored, bringing the Oilers within a goal. Thanks for the insurance, Kariya. Salvador left him all alone on the doorstep at the top of the crease.

And that's the game. I don't know how to describe the last 10 seconds. I honestly thought they scored. Tofu went down and there was a big shot and I think Brewer may have stopped it with the shaft of his stick...or Tofu made the skate save and it bounced off Brewer and cleared the zone. Either way, I don't give a damn, that's two more points for arguably the hottest team in the NHL. Holy crap.

Let's live it up in the comments, which got really lively and funny here in the third. I think the wife is going to break my laptop now, so Brad Lee, signing off.