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Q’s Blues

By Childhood TraumaÂ

For those two people who are a fan of Coach Q, the Blues, the Avs, and "The Wiz"....

Q’s lament has followed him a mile high and he is, once again, talking [singing] to himself:

It wouldn’t be a bummer

to while away the summer

or to hang out at the spa

and the Cup - I’d be a-cleaning

if you understand my meaning

if I only had a Roy

Q's Dream

I'd unravel ev'ry defense

without any pretense

and the fans would go “Hurrah!”

with all the stops he'd be making

out of the fire would be my bacon

if I only had a Roy.

And the name o' Roman Turek

surely wouldn't make my knee jerk

and I could give Mike Kitchen more work

cos Lord Stanley's such a perk.

My career has one big flaw

like a lobster sans a claw

I could never grab it all

but I'd yell and be merry

a reg'lar Gaylord Perry

if I only had a Roy--- whoa!