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Welcome To The New Game Time!

As with our printed programs that we sell at all Blues' games, our new online home has one motto: Content Is King.

With that in mind, we have completely revamped our site to give you - the rabid Blues fanatic - the best comedy, information, wildly biased opinion and other flotsam (no jetsam, however, this isn't the Post-Dispatch, after all) that you deserve.

We have decided to house three different existing GT-inspired blogs under the same roof here. You can find old posts from Sean Gallagher's Game Time blog intertwined with Brian Weidler's Future 'Notes blog and Brad Lee's On The Juice and Brad's Blues Blog posts.

Beyond that, our regular writers from the paper will have the ability to post topical Top 11 lists, radio interview recaps, funny Blues-related photos and videos and pretty much anything else that churns their greasy minds. But the point for us on this site is simple: Content is King.

And we don't mean the type of PR content that you get on some of the official or "Revolutionary" sites around town. We're hardcore fans writing in a hardcore manner for other hardcore fans of the St. Louis Blues.

So please look around and kick the tires. We have articles and stories and theories and opinions dating back to September of 2005 already, and with all our writers banging away, we'll have new content all the time. In addition, at the bottom of the page is the link to 'RSS' the site, which the tech guys tell us means a 'Really Simply Subscription', so you will be notified whenever we update the site. Sounds nifty, eh?

Plus, You Can Contribute, Too.

Every new update gives you the opportunity to make comments. But be aware: not everything gets in. You have to give us your email address and write your response. Don't worry, the email will not be used to bother you and would never be sold out to the corporate shills who are out here seeking brains to feed on. No, that email allows us to 'approve' your comment. What does this 'approval' mean? It means that you (via that email address) are cleared to make posts whenever you want on any of our updates and they'll never be moderated again.

But you gotta get that first approval. Which means you have to do what we do. Have an opinion. Have a good point. Have a joke. Any of these get you approved.

And once you're in, you're One Of Us. And that is actually a problem for you. Because look what it's done to us.

But if you want to start your own topic of discussion or bitch about something different, visit our message board. There's plenty of lively discussion and an active troll-exterminator who goes by the name of Reality Czech who keeps out too much organ music discussion.

In Short, Welcome Aboard.

We love it here. And we think you will, too.

-The Great & Mighty Admin