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You Wanna Know How I Know…

...That You're A Predators fan?

pred fans

· Your rottweiler loves float trips.

· You pat your beer gut and say “when you have a tool like mine, you gotta build a shed over it”.

· Because you drove here in your meth lab.

· Because your moustache hasn’t progressed past ‘wispy’.

· Kid’s bottle is filled with Pepsi

· The tattoo of your mother looks like a picture of your father. If he had fewer teeth.

· Statement. Woo! Statement. Woo! Question? Woo! False statement. Woo!

· Your “personalized” jersey has your name and the number “69” written on the back in marker.

· Your eight-year-old just gave me the finger.

· You think it’s not DUI if you’re driving your lawnmowerÂ