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Bill Guerin on KFNS 2/15/07

By Brad Lee

I think it's safe to say Bill Guerin is prepared to be traded to a playoff contender before the end of this month. He does a weekly call-in interview with Chris Dimino on 590 AM KFNS here in St. Louis. On Thursday, Dimino and Guerin talked mostly about the hot topic of the day, Tim Hardaway's comments about gay players in the NBA. Dimino did get around to talking about hockey in the interview. Guerin hints that the trade rumors are becoming a distraction, but he wants to be in the playoffs.

Chris Dimino: Keith Tkachuk said earlier this week that it’s inevitable he’s going to be traded. Manny Legace has said contract negotiations are in place for him. Let’s ask you Bill Guerin, are you going beyond one year in St. Louis or has the possibility of a trade been discussed?
Bill Guerin: We haven’t had any discussions. We’ve been focused on the task at hand. I’ve been trying to do my best. I think we all have. It’s a tough time right now in our dressing room. We know there are rumors flying around about myself, Keith, Manny. We’re just trying to keep it together right now and focus on each and every game. We’re still all members of the St. Louis Blues and we want to give our best effort. If guys get traded or guys get signed, that’s great, but that’s the business when we have to deal with it. We’re trying to keep the focus on our games right now.

CD: If you’re not going to the playoffs, the grass in the other guy’s yard is greener.
BG: Yeah. If you’re not making the playoffs, you’re jealous. You’re upset that you’re not on a team in there. Eighty-two games is a lot of games to play. It’s a lot of BS to go through, it’s a lot of hard work, it’s a lot of ups and downs to go through to not have the opportunity to play for something at the end of the year.