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Top 11 Ways To Find the GT Table at the Bar

By Childhood Trauma

11. Never forget that Sean looks like Larry Wigge

10. Ask all the tables that look like they are populated with people who know something about sports first. The last table you ask will be the GT guys.

9.  Of course the GT table will be the table right next to the middle-aged "Lilith Fair" reject singing folksy accoustic versions of rock classics with a mostly in tune guitar. Duh!

8.  The greats of the games will be constantly mentioned, like Butch Hobson and Gary Fencik and his outrageous $275,000 salary.

7.  No one will be wearing Blues and/or Cardinals logos.

6.  There will be more dead buckets of beer than people.

5.  Strangely, there will not be a lot of cussing about Larry Pleau, but the only thing that will be brought up is that I am not allowed to do a Top 11 about his wife.

4. Everyone has to sing the "So Taguchi" bedtime song.

3. Due to the seasonal nature, a "spell your name in the snow" contest broke out. Sadly for me, spelling counted.

2.  Your NPR credentials are checked at the door.

1. The horror... the horror...