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Monday at the General Managers’ Meetings…

By Sean Gallagher

Larry Pleau chats up John Ferguson Jr.

[Blues GM Larry Pleau (r) with Leafs GM John Ferguson ]

"John, remember when you were my assistant? It's weird because now you're a GM and it's like I'm John Davidson's assistant. Isn't that weird?"

"Yeah, Larry, sure is weird."

"And remember the time when you were my assistant and had that idea about that trade, and I was all, 'John, could you go get us some coffee'. And you did? 'Member that? That was awesome."

"Yeah, Larry, pretty awesome."

"Yeah, 'cause now I get a lot of coffee for Mr. Davidson, so that's weird."

"Weird, Larry, weird."

"Whatcha writin'?"

"Larry, I think Al MacInnis needs some coffee now, too."