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Answer Man 101

By the Answer Man

Here’s a rundown on the Answer Man. I get so many requests about these things so I figured this could be almost like the Answer Man FAQ. This is a list of my favorite things in life to hopefully give you an inside glimpse into my world. It will also help explain some of the references in my articles. I will also update as I see fit.

Location- North Freaking County

Dress- Zubas, Tank Tops, A-shirts, Black Concert T’s, Fanny Pack and white high tops. In the summer you can find me in a pair of jorts (aka jean shorts). I used to have a brand new Blues Fanny Pack but it was snatched from his ride. There is still $4 reward along with a GT Shirt and a bag of pork rinds upon its safe return.

My Ride- A very fly 1984 Camaro

Who I live with- Mom aka “Answer Mom”. Don’t mess with her. She is tougher then Brian Sutter and Chuck Norris.

Favorite Team- The Blues of course. No other sport exists outside of hockey and Blues hockey at that.

Favorite all time player- Brian Sutter and Garth Butcher is a close second

Favorite Activity- Number One, fighting in my Senior Rec League. A very close second is watching Blues hockey. I also enjoy cruising North Lindberg in the fly ’84 Camaro.

What position do I play on my team- My position is left wing but my role is total enforcer.

Occupation- I have my hand in several ventures. They include but are not limited to: pork rind spokesman, discount karate instructor, live bait distributor, personal trainer, spiritual advisor, wedding DJ and Bad Ass MC.

Who do I hang out with- The AMC or Answer Man Crew. Members include but are not limited to: Snuffy (AMC Consigliere), John the Gazelle, Punk Rock Dave, DF “The Flash”, Gallagher, Pattie_C, The Golden Gopher (aka Double G), Bill The Thrill and BA Charlie. The AMC is quite exclusive. Please don’t inquire about membership. You’ll know if you are in. Once you are in, you can never leave, ever.

Favorite Beer- Busch and make ‘em Tall Boys. Number one rule, don’t drink and drive. No one wins at that game.

How much do you bench- 265 at last max attempt. I’ll hit 300 by the end of ’07.

Are you single- There is always room for more ladies. I refer to my ladies as the Answer-ettes. Too many to count and always more welcomed aboard. Also, my mom’s house has a walk out basement so if they are shy, they can always leave through the basement door.

Favorite color- Camo


Skynyrd Rules!!!!
Doobie Brothers are America’s Sweethearts.
Smoking is for the birds
Proper Nutrition is key. Garbage in equals garbage out, you know.
Hugs Not Drugs