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By Brad Lee

We are now t-minus four days to the NHL trade deadline and all the hockey trade snobs have to talk about is Columbus trading Anson Carter to Carolina for a fifth round pick? And the pick isn't even this year?

Since the Forsberg trade a week ago, this whole topic has been better at fighting insomnia than a little warm milk and counting sheep. This pussyfooting around makes me want to take a nice long nap. And the Blues getting four full days off between games this week isn't helping. I'm actually looking forward to them going up to Chicago to play that borderline IHL team up there. Poor bastards actually played Patrick Lalime in goal again Thursday night. He allowed two goals to San Jose, a team that would have trouble scoring in the back of a limo with Paris and Britney at 4 a.m. in Malibu. Somebody needs to send the Hawks a visual aid that Lalime flushed his career down the toilet last year.

If you're bored out of your mind like me waiting for something interesting to happen on the trade front and that anonymous fortune teller on the Interwebs isn't your thing, try Spector's Hockey. He doesn't make bullshit predictions or ask you for money to see more information. Or you can try reading one of the best hockey blogs out there, Off Wing Opinion. And don't worry, he's not a Detroit fan. Or you could try surfing around on the youTube for little hockey nuggets guaranteed to put that twinkle back in your eye. There's the brawl Thursday night in Buffalo with the Senators featuring an entertaining fight with a smiling Sens goalie Ray Emery:

The Curtis Joseph vs. Tim Cheveldae goalie fight ("HERE COMES CHEVELDAE!"):

Or re-live Brett Hull Night without all the disappointment of the 5-1 loss with one of the tribute videos:

So enjoy the "excitement" of the trade deadline. Caution, may cause drowsiness.