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Who Should The Blues Trade For?

By The Answer Man

Dear Answer Man,

We keep seeing that the Blues are trading people away and the asking price is at least a first round pick. Well, since you are so smart, who the hell should the Blues ask in return besides a draft pick?

-Ken (Wichita-KS)

I got two words for ya: Andrew Peters. You may be thinking, what the hell?

Check this out. The Blues need him from a character standpoint. First off, check Brad's video link below. Peters fights goalies. This dude should run for office.

So, OK fighting a goalie is cool in the AM Book of Awesomeness. I first became a fan of this guy because of what he did to the Leafs last year. The Leafs were out of the playoffs, so Peters pretends to "tee off" while he's on the ice in a gesture basically telling the whole Leaf team that they suck.

The Leafs go bonkers!

The ref sees it and tosses Peters.

As Peters leaves the ice he gives the Leaf bench a wave.

Pure brilliance. Holy crap did they want to kill guy.

Andrew Peters, I await your arrival at Lambert.