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Nervous Blues Fans Sleeping.

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By Sean Gallagher

Blues Fans Sleeping Now.

The report out of the building down on "Brett Hull Way" is that Bill Guerin, Jamal Mayers and Peter Cajanek will remain Blues. For tonight.

The best guess is that the supposed suitors for Guerin (Red Wings, Ducks, Sharks) and Mayers (Toronto) will make pitches early so that the Blues can take the best offer and give the losers a few hours to fight over Gary Roberts, Owen Nolan and anyone else out there who you happen to believe is available. Oh, and Cajanek? He is on waivers, but no way do the Blues get lucky enough to have someone take his $1.7 million contract off their hands. Even JD can't convince some other dumb GM that's a good idea.

So, Blues fans, enjoy that No. 13 jersey of yours for a few more hours, because it looks like it's about to be a replica of a "former Blue". Just like your closet full of Demitra, Tkachuk, Pronger, Hull, Shanahan and Joseph jerseys.

Gretz is a former Blue, too.