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Nail Biter

By Brad Lee

Deadline day is supposed to be exciting, one of the most fun times of year for self-proclaimed puckheads. But this waiting is going to give me an ulcer. It's now 10:30 a.m. here in St. Louis (210 minutes until the deadline) and the only word we've seen scouring the Interwebs about the Blues is that Bill Guerin is not at the morning skate, which happens to be optional and really means absolutely nothing. Sigh.

So far the Panthers have traded the anciet Gary Roberts to Pittsburgh for a Sidney Crosby autograph and Buffalo traded backup goaltender Martin Biron to Philadelphia for the No. 1 pick they received in the Forsberg trade. Simply earth shattering.

Check back, we'll be here.

EDIT: We're streaming TSN across the border here into the US (shhhhh, keep it under your hat, we're not sure about the legality of the site we're on). They have a camera at WillTheyMakeATrade Center showing the morning skate live. God I love TSN.