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Guerin Traded

By Brad Lee

According to TSN in Canada, Bill Guerin has been traded, possibly to San Jose. No confirmation, if other teams are involved or what the Blues have gotten in return.

FIRST UPDATE: TSN says a first round pick from New Jersey and a prospect not on the San Jose active roster are involved. But there is speculation that San Jose has to trade a roster player because the Sharks are right at the salary cap.

SECOND UPDATE: Bill Guerin was just on TSN via phone. Here's a pretty good transcript I furiously typed while listening to the TSN feed:

TSN: What’s your reaction that you’re going to San Jose?
BG: I’m thrilled about going to San Jose. They’re a talented team committed to winning. Looking up and down their roster, I know them really well from playing them so much, I know I can fit in well and hopefully things go right.

TSN: You could be playing on a line with Joe Thornton, Patrick Marleau. You really can’t go wrong playing with either one.
BG: They are two of the best centers of the league. I know Joe and Jonathon Cheechoo have great chemistry playing together. Wherever they want to put me, I’ll make it work.

TSN: We heard the Blues made a final contract offer this morning. Is that true and what was the timing this morning?
BG: We never really got to formal negotiations with the Blues. There was some discussion about where I could go. In the end we decided a trade might be best for everybody. The team takes their best trade, they give it to you and with the no trade, and you make your decision. In the end they brought the San Jose trade to me and that’s what I accepted. The Blues have nothing but pure class. JD and Larry Pleau have been wonderful to my family through this. I can’t thank them enough.

TSN: Your play this season after a disappointing season last year really put you in this position. What changed for you?
BG: Sometimes change is good. I got that coming to St. Louis. I had much more of a clear head. I was able to get into top shape coming into the season and things fell into place. I had some great teammates here in St. Louis and they really helped me. They’ve got some great guys here. I really enjoyed my time here in St. Louis.

TSN: You played with Thornton in Boston, right?
BG: Yeah, for two years. He’s a hell of a player.

THIRD UPDATE: Andy Strickland on is reporting the Blues will receive the first round pick from San Jose that belonged to New Jersey, Ville Nieminen and Jay Barriball, the freshman leading scorer for the University of Minnesota. He's on the small side at 5'9" and 156 pounds.

FOURTH UPDATE: TSN has confirmed the trade details. So the Blues now have three first-round picks (their own, Atlanta and now New Jersey via San Jose). They added Ville Nieminen and Jay Barriball.