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Jamal Mayers Signs Extension

By Brad Lee

According to TSN, Jamal Mayers, the longest tenured current Blue, is the most recent former Blue. TSN says Mayers is now a Maple Leaf.

Details will be posted as they become available.

FIRST UPDATE: This was said in passing in kind of a joking matter. Not sure now if this is for real.

SECOND UPDATE: TSN is reporting that the Blues are asking for a 1st round pick or a 2nd round pick and a high end prospect for Mayers. The name they used as an example was Jiri Tlusty, who was the Leafs' 1st round pick in 2006. If the Blues do not get this price (which would seem likely, unless Leafs GM John Ferguson Jr has had some sort of mental breakdown), TSN reported that Mayers and the Blues have a three year contract worth $1.3 million per year on the table.

THIRD UPDATE: Andy Strickland is reporting that Jamal Mayers has signed a three-year extension. This appeared on Hockey Buzz at almost the same time as TSN reported the Blues were working on an extension but that Mayers was mentioned in several different rumors.