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Blues Trade Wideman For Boyes

By Brad Lee

In a trade made at the deadline, TSN is reporting that the Blues traded second-year defenseman Dennis Wideman, a healthy scratch for four games in February, to Boston for second-year center Brad Boyes. We're working to put more up on this surprising deal.

FIRST UPDATE: This trade wasn't posted online for at least 30 minutes after the deadline, so it must have been made in the waning moments.

Wideman in his rookie year played 67 games and had a respectable 24 points, but a disappointing minus-31 +/- rating. As veterans were injured, his playing time increased and the youngster was forced to learn on the job. After Andy Murray was hired as head coach, Wideman, 23, was called a high-risk, high-reward player, a guy who takes a lot of chances but could really pay off with those chances. Murray benched him for four straight games earlier this month. He's fast, can move the puck, but sometimes pinches in at the wrong times and needs to improve in his own end. Wideman has 22 points and is a minus-7.

Boyes was the 24th overall pick in the 2000 draft. He turns 25 in April and is also in his second NHL season. Boyes had a terrific rookie year with 26 goals and a team-best 43 assists. He was a plus-11 on one of the worst teams in the league. This year Boyes has struggled in his second season in the league. He has 13 goals, 21 assists and is a minus-17. Moving forward, Boyes will be one of main foundation pieces on offense.