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Top 11 Things the Islanders Were Thinking

11: A 16 year extension was just too gaudy.

10: At the halfway point of the Islanders' 30 year plan to win a cup they decided they needed a goalie

 09: Just how many goalies of the future can one team draft before giving one of them the Islanders' future?

08: It was either that or sign Roman Turek.

07: $67.5 million just doesn't go as far in Manhattan as it does in Nashville.

06: They plan to trade him to Colorado and make him Q's problem.

st thatt price expect double duty

 05: At the end of the contract Dipietro would still be younger than half the current Blues.

04: When your owner under-reports ten years of cable income, he has to launder it somehow.

03: Dipietro's kids wrote Garth Snow a touching note.

02: It was supposed to be 67.5 million pesos!

01: Heck they gave Yashin a 10 year deal, surely Dipietro is 150% better than Alexei!