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Lesson Learned, Andy Murray?

By Sean Gallagher

As I celebrated the seemingly inevitable third goal with my two eldest children last night, I should have been trying to telepathically tell Blues coach Andy Murray to remind his five skaters that, "This isn't over yet!"

Granted, the 43 seconds that I spent jumping up and down and slapping hands with an eight and five year old were pretty great, especially when I'd just told them, "The Blues are buzzing around, I think they'll get one."

But when the Blues spend those 43 seconds basking in the erasure of a three goal deficit and not concentrating on the point now in hand, bad shit is going to happen. And it did tonight, as the Les Europeans took advantage of the over-relaxed Blues and scored to deflate the building with just 1:25 left in the game.

A bad loss to a bad team near the end of a bad game.

Last year we expected that to happen. This year it's disappointing. Next year it'll be a big deal.

Next year these Blues will be in a playoff race at this point, and losing a game in this manner will be problematic, to say the least.

So I hope Andy Murray learned a big lesson tonight. Take the time during the horn, celebration, reassembling of players and Towel Bitch fiasco, remind your next line that this isn't over. This game has two minutes left and the other team is now embarrassed and pissed off. Don't let them ruin this great comeback. Let's get these seconds ticked off and get to OT.

Now, get out there and don't fuck this up.

Listen up, dumbasses!