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Top 11 Ways The Blues Are Spending The Off Day in Edmonton

By Sean Gallagher

11.       Knocking up TV newscasters. Allegedly.

10.      Calling their agents to remind them, “never talk to Edmonton”.

9.         Wishing they’d brought winter coats.

8.        Making fun of ex-Oiler Ryan Smyth’s winter coat.

I guess he does need a bigger contract.

7.         Reassuring their wives they’d never, ever sign a contract with Edmonton.

6.        Stroll through scenic downtown. Figure out what to do after that five minutes is over.

5.         Freezing their nuts off in mid-March.

4.        Listen to Doug Weight tell stories of long, cold winter nights in Edmonton with nothing to do.

3.         Checking out this backyard rink.

Sweet homemade Zamboni.Â

2.        Putting a Coyotes’ sweater on the Wayne Gretzky statue.

1.         Knocking up teenage waitresses. Allegedly.Â

From the 12 Fluid Ounces of Gallagher’s Brain